A little about me

My name is Brittney LeBlanc, the woman behind LeBlanc.Design. I’m a recent graduate of the York/Sheridan Design program. Prior to this, I received a Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts at Sheridan College.

I believe anything worth doing should be done with love, care and attention. I am constantly looking for more ways to learn, improve and grow. I look out for the bright sides of life and seek to create positive change in the world through my designs. I specialize in visual identities, illustration, and information design, and find joy in creating designs that are meaningful and research driven!

A headshot of the Graphic Designer, Brittney LeBlanc.

My Career so far

I am currently working as a freelancer where I  work collaboratively with clients on various projects which include visual identities, photography, illustrations, and social media content. For more details on my past work experience, check out my resume.

Graphic Design Intern
May — Aug 2020
Junior Graphic Designer
May — Aug 2017/2018
Junior Assistent
May — Aug 2016